April 2019

May I?

I sometimes notice that I would like to bring something up, yet am not sure how to do so.

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March 2019

Don’t Pile ‘em Up!

What can we as coaches do when our mind is flooding with great questions?

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February 2019

Are You Confident Enough to be Ignorant?

I don’t think that my high-achieving executive clients would agree with Mr. Twain.

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December 2018

Asking for Help

The more I replayed it in my mind, the more I felt its power…so I have a question for you: “Do you ask for help when you need it?”

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August 2018

The Coaching Trap


It can be so easy to fall into ‘The Coaching Trap’.  Imagine that you are coaching someone, and you believe the conversation is going quite well...

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July 2018

Your Number One Challenge: Stop Giving Advice!


Here’s a scenario that repeats itself regularly while participants in our coaching programs are practicing their coaching skills.

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June 2018

Take Your Time

We’ve all experienced it – that pause that appears after we’ve asked our coachee a particularly challenging question.

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March 2018

Getting the Unspoken on the Table

Have you ever wondered whether your coaching is reaching its full “making a difference for the coachee” potential?

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January 2018

Plot Twists

Occasionally, we experience an event that we instantly know is going to change everything.

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November 2017

Sneaky Questions

Is there even a sneakin’ chance that you tend to slip in advice by posing a leading question?

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October 2017

Unconventional Solutions

You might find it strange to hear a coach encourage a coachee to “get the job first, do the homework second”.

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September 2017

When the Coach Needs the Coaching

I had to call on every ounce of my professional coach acumen to squash my very needy thoughts in real time.

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August 2017

Listening Sublime!

I began to notice that his rapid speech and (apparent) annoyance with my request to repeat himself had triggered me to wonder whether he was rather junior.

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July 2017

Zippo Listening Going On

How many times have you caught yourself in conversation, but not listening at all?

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April 2017

When Executive Coaching Gets Personal

My client told me a story we have all heard, or even lived ourselves. His relationship was dysfunctional and unhappy...

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March 2017

Is Anyone Really Listening?

In several workshops during the last year, I revealed the profound “Three Layers of Deep Listening Model’

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February 2017

The Day I Did Not Hold Back

So how honest and direct can a coach get? Well, I really pushed the limit a while back.

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January 2017

No Menu, Please

The thought process created by being asked to choose from a menu of options is very different than that created by a powerful open question.

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November 2016

Should I Be Mean Now?

I resisted the temptation to do something mean just to prove him wrong, and thanked him for his feedback.

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October 2016

How DARE You?!

Dare to say to them what no one else in their life may have had the courage to say.

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June 2016

Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla


 realized that I had to actually interrupt him to get a word in edgewise, which would make me feel rude. I broke in anyway, saying…

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May 2016

No You Don't!

“I have to exercise more.” “I’ve got to start networking.” “I need to stop planning back-to-back meetings.” “I have to get on top of my Inbox.” “I’ve got to start leaving the office by 18:00.” “I need to spend more time with my team.“ Etcetera etcetera etcetera.

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April 2016

Cutting Deals Up Front

But what about contracting up front, right at the beginning of the coaching journey?

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March 2016

Cutting Deals!

Have you ever found yourself floundering or a bit lost in a coaching conversation when your coachee goes off on a tangent, or when you're not sure which topic to discuss next?

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February 2016

Who Takes the First Shot?

While many say that pure coaching consists of giving no advice at all, I’ve heard many coaches confess that they do give advice from time to time.

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January 2016

Can We Please Turn the Video Off?

“Can we please turn the video off?”, she said. I immediately felt intense curiosity shooting...

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October 2015

I'm Not an Idiot

I was caught completely off guard. I had no idea that this had been going on inside him.

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September 2015

No Second Chance!

A couple of years ago I was frustrated with a coaching session that I felt just hadn’t gone well.

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August 2015

How DARE You?!

Whether you are coaching someone, giving them advice when they are facing an important decision can be downright dangerous!

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July 2015

It is Just a Sigh

I’ve heard this so many times. It resembles a sigh, yet it’s different.  When a person sighs, they breathe in deeply, and slowly.  And then...

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June 2015

You are Fill in the Blank

Then I said, “So it sounds like you are a good communicator.”  He winced as if I had stepped on his toe, and I asked him why.  He wasn’t sure.

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May 2015


I believe that failure can be celebrated, as long as we learn from it. This is a new perspective for many coaches, and also a gift...

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April 2015

Working Too Hard to Listen

Deep listening can take many forms, and this post is about what you can do when you find yourself NOT able to listen deeply.

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February 2015

The Conversation Stopper

Then you ask what you think is a great open question, and the conversation comes to a dead halt.  Silence.  What happens next?

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January 2015

I am Great

I am frequently asked: “What theme comes up most often in your coaching sessions?”...

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December 2014

I Wonder What That's About

Have you ever been annoyed by a person you were coaching?  I have.  So what’s really going on, and how can we manage ourselves in these situations?

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November 2014

Tell Me More

I think coachees send out ‘invitations’ all the time.  Here’s what it looks like:  During a coaching conversation...

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October 2014

What Else

“How can you achieve this goal?” Without any hesitation, you receive an answer. What do you do next?

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September 2014

The Power of Pulling It Together

Coaching conversations (and most conversations, actually) are much like two people walking down a road together. When they come to a crossroad,

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August 2014

Are You Taking Note?

Boring?  At first glance, the topic of note taking may seem to be one of the more mundane items to cover in a blog post on coaching.  I beg to differ

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July 2014

Pushing for Solutions

Someone comes to you to discuss an issue they have.  You ask some questions, and at a certain point, you feel like you have a pretty good grip of the situation.  It is time to move to solutions, right?

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May 2014

Take a Break

Recently I was listening to (what was in my opinion) a very chaotic story.  My coachee moved randomly from present, to past, to future, to past, to present, etc...

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April 2014

What was he THINKING?

“It’s despicable!  I sent Marco an invitation a week beforehand, but never heard a...

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March 2014


Have you ever found yourself interrupting while coaching someone?

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February 2014

Good Question!

When the “Good question!” moment happens, I say, STOP!

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January 2014

Out of my control!

Many of the people I coach are quite ambitious.  They set significant goals for themselves that seem to fall into one of two categories.

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December 2013

Your Number One Challenge: Stop Giving Advice!

Here’s a scenario that repeats itself regularly while participants in our coaching programs are practicing their coaching skills.

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