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"While convinced that I had exhausted all the possible explanations for a group coaching intervention that had not gone well, my coach supervisor invited me to re-examine my own motives. It was that discussion that led me to realize that apart from the dynamics in the group, it was my professional curiosity as a coach that had played a significant positive role in the outcome."
Executive Coach
"What I value most in working with my coach supervisor is how she can ask the most challenging questions, and at the same time as making you feel completely supported. After time with her, I feel more clear about the issue, and also more 'at home in my own skin' as a coach. She has an unparalleled ability to ask you the single question that sits right at the heart of what you're struggling with."
Executive Coach
"I am finding this Coaching Supervision track most helpful! I feel very supported in my efforts to dot my I's and cross my t's at various levels of my development as a professional coach. As coaches we support our clients in their development, and I am a firm believer that we as coaches should also work on our continual development. I find my supervisor warm and genuinely caring, and she role models high quality work, as a coach and a supervisor."
Executive Coach

"Julie Johnson has served as my Coach Supervisor for the past two years. As a professional coach, I can count on her deep experience, listening skills, insight, and consideration to help me find clarity around my coaching challenges. Our sessions give me the space to articulate and work through my thoughts, so that I leave with a clear idea of how to move forward."

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