Global Coaching

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Provide your leadership with a global network of experienced, international coaches

  • Would you like to satisfy the demand for coaching within your organization?
  • Is developing a structured approach to coaching still on your project wish-list?
  • Do you have senior managers who are seeking more opportunities to coach?
  • Do you have junior managers who want to be coached?

As an HR leader, you can build an internal or external coaching network, offering:

  • Managers an opportunity to discuss their challenges in a confidential setting
  • Observable results: significant positive changes in the behaviors of those who                 have been coached
  • Highly qualified and experienced international executive coaches
  • Coaches who are located close to your local offices, and who speak the local language

As Bob Nardelli, former CEO of Home Depot said, "I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities."  So how can you make sure you have a top quality coaching network for your organization? 

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As an HR leader, you can offer support to those-in-need - during a challenging period for your organization - in an agile and affordable way

  • Select the target group in your organization
  • Offer one or several private 1:1 coaching sessions – the number can vary per each person’s need, with a maximum cap (agile approach)
  • Your employees select their coach directly on JJC’s coaching platform (Flyt)
  • All appointments are scheduled directly between coach and coachee on Flyt – allowing for swift action and real-time status updates
  • Price is (much) lower due to the removal of 90% of email and ‘middleman’ activities (affordable)

Research connecting executive coaching with business results

We have done lots of research over the past three years, and we have found that leaders who have the best coaching skills have better business results."

Tanya Clemens
VP - Global Executive & Organizational Development


Many of the World's most admired corporations, from GE to Goldman Sachs, invest in coaching. Annual spending on coaching in the US is estimated at roughly $1 Billion Dollars.

Harvard Business Review

The impact of coaching on executives and the return on investment averaged at nearly six times the initial investment.

Metrix Global Case Study of 30 Leaders

Case Study

A regional head of Talent Management wanted to find an economical and effective way to supply mid- and lower-level managers a quality coaching experience while reviewing their own 360° Feedback assessment.  He found the fees for external coaching prohibitive, given the large number of eligible participants.  We worked with them over a two-year period to train talented individuals selected from HR and senior management to take on the role of coach.  An intense, multi-part program (involving a selection process) was delivered to three groups of employees spread throughout the region, giving the organization a sufficient supply of internal coaches for managers at this level.

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