JJC has built up a network of 100+ highly qualified and experienced professionals that spans five continents. Most work in at least two languages and have lived in several countries. All have savvy virtual coaching skills, work in a wide variety of industries, adhere to a recognized coaching code of ethics, and are deeply committed to continual personal development.







Our professionals draw on years of real-life business experience, and hold specialist coaching and related qualifications.

  • Average of 15 years of coaching experience at all levels
  • Significant experience in or with business at a senior level
  • Accredited by recognized coaching institutions (ICF, APECS, CPCC, CTI, EMCC, etc.) or significant training
  • Certified in various globally accepted instruments, including the full Hogan Suite (especially suited for executive level)
  • Overall education – post graduate and above
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural: works in two or more languages, lived and worked in two or more countries, worked with a number of diverse cultures
  • Experienced in virtual coaching (Skype, telephone, Zoom, Google+, etc.)
  • Worked with a wide range of industry sectors
  • Committed to ongoing personal development
  • Accountable to a coaching code of ethics