"Julie has been the key coach throughout our top management's rollout 360º feedback process for our top 350 leaders worldwide. She understands our organization and its leaders in a way that no one else in this world does. The feedback I get from our senior managers is exceptionally positive, and I am so grateful to be able to place our executives in her very capable hands."

VP - Human Resources
Global Mining & Construction Company

"Executive coaching helped me clarify and specify my "dream" to make a complete career change. During our sessions, I learned to accept this "dream", translate it into realistic and achievable goals, and drive myself to action. My coaches' style was calm, to-the-point, and results-focused. Feedback was clear and direct, yet encouraging. There was a certain pace and direction in our discussions that kept me on the path, even while discussing a wide variety of topics. As a result, I have begun to plan and take the first steps of an exciting journey I am still on."

Director of Systems & Strategy
Global Finance Services Industry

"At a time when I had reached a significant crossroads in my life, your coaching helped me make sense of the confusion. I was able to see the possibilities for change through an entirely different lens. As a consequence, I not only made the right decisions then; I also have a much deeper level of self-awareness to make the right decisions moving forward."

HR Consultant
Consulting Industry
"The timing of my coaching journey (using the Hogan LFR) couldn’t have been better. Our ensuing discussion helped me understand the results (and therefore my own unique personality!), and frame what I was struggling with. This was life-changing, and it saved me from a possible burnout. Not only that: I was able to step back and reflect, and make the needed changes."
Global Functional HR Leader
Consumer Goods Industry
"As a newly appointed, first time CEO, I was searching for an executive coaching experience that would support me in this exciting transition. After an initial orientation interview with JJC, I was offered several coaches to choose from who were selected as particularly suited to my needs. I found the ‘perfect match’. This coaching journey has helped me to make several significant positive changes in my leadership behavior that better suit my new situation, and push me toward my full potential. Unsolicited, this has been confirmed by a few key internal and external stakeholders."
International Financial Services Industry

“Working with a coach allowed me to discover that intuition, far from being a weakness of mine, is in fact a strength which I can (and now do) use successfully on the job and in my private life. I now have the confidence to rely on my intuition in the multiple judgements I make every day. It is through the challenging of my own preconceptions about my strengths and weaknesses that I have developed a greater understanding of myself – allowing me to use skills I did not realize I had.”

Senior HR Director, EMEA
Consumer Goods Industry

“It has been so useful to regularly take the time to step back and reflect with someone who is neutral and who has followed my career over time. Together we have explored different perspectives on challenges I've faced, and generated new and more effective solutions. We have even rehearsed upcoming interactions so that I could practice and refine new behaviors before ‘going live’. As a result, I have been able to interact much more effectively in some strategically important encounters. I recommend executive coaching for all leaders who really want to stretch themselves. It gives an edge to personal progress and performance that can't be matched by other methods."

Global Purchasing Director
Food & Beverage Industry

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