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Teamwork drives most organizations. However, data shows that only 10% of all teams rate themselves as high performing. Team coaching can raise your team’s game, and positively impact your organization’s business performance.

Lead your team to perform at its best

  • Would you like your team to contribute more to the success of the organization?
  • Has your team landed a huge project which it needs to get off to the right start from Day 1?
  • Are their issues that are hindering the performance of your team?
  • Does your team just need to get ‘unstuck’?

As a team leader, you can use team coaching to:

  • Help team members solidify their shared commitment to the team goals
  • Create greater team synergy through better interpersonal connections amongst team members
  • Develop team members’ skills and knowledge in order to increase overall team effectiveness
  • Rediscover the team’s purpose and get back on track
  • Build the team’s long-term capabilities

Leverage team coaching to lead your team in achieving great things. Contact us.

Research confirms team coaching promotes more than team effectivess

Executive teams that put special focus on team coaching, and actively promote team coaching throughout the organization, not only improve their team effectiveness, but also initiate cultures that foster people connectivity, flexible networking, and successful cross-cultural and cross-departmental collaboration.

Aas Boot, Leadership Consultant

Case Studies

Case 1: A global HR team consisting of very diverse personalities was challenged by unproductive behavior patterns and team dynamics. As a result of our team-coaching program, the group was able to create an open and respectful discussion and bring positive change and clarity to their dynamics. The group, which operates in the chemical industry, ended up with clear team and individual take-aways, and a commitment to the specific actions and built-in follow-up that they had co-created.

Case 2: A company operating in the mining industry sought to transform a group of strangers into a high performing global team. Our team-coaching program was customized to suit their needs and style, striking a balance between ‘focus on people’ versus ‘outcome’, and ‘fun’ versus ‘serious’. The experience was equally valued across multiple cultures and age groups and was successful in creating high levels of mutual trust and respect between all members.

Case 3: A team from the financial services industry felt that its members lacked familiarity with each other. As a result, decision-making processes were unclear and commitment varied greatly among team members. Through work with our team-coach, the group was able to open up, allow themselves to be vulnerable and really get to know each other. Our coach observed them in action, asked tough questions and facilitated constructive feedback exchange, re-contracting as they moved ahead. This resulted in some authentic soul searching that helped the team get rid of bad habits, agree on clear ground rules and roles, and clarified decision-making processes. The group now enjoys productive meetings and more successful projects, and most important of all, a clear team identity.

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