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"I learned how to ask the right questions at the right time, and even when to remain silent. This has unlocked meaningful and fruitful conversations with my staff regarding their personal development. The strong emphasis on practice, observation, and feedback gave me the confidence to coach people at every level of the organization."

Finance Director
Apparel Industry

A group of our senior leaders recently completed an intense 12-month program offered by JJC, where they learned to develop themselves and be better coaches for our young talents. The scores from our senior leaders speak for themselves (4.9+/5.0). At least as important is that many of the coachees reported significant positive changes in how they work, to the benefit of the business and their careers. We have two more programs on the go. The recent APAC cohort also gave very good evaluation scores (4.8/5.0 for Module 1 which was recently launched in Shanghai), and this is just the beginning!

VP, HRBP of Global Business Group Domestic Appliances
Electronics Industry

"In our journey toward a high performance organization, focusing on 'continuous learning and people development' should be at the heart of our culture. Strong coaching skills are fundamental to the modern manager, especially when they are aiming for a high performance culture.
- Further strengthen the coaching skills of all involved
- Build the momentum to put these skills into practice
- Bring our own relationships to the next level through this shared experience
I recommend this program to all leaders of today and of the future."

IT Manager
Global Supply Chain

"She worked with a team of talented HR professionals at Nike Europe, preparing them to coach managers as they receive their 360 results. She created a very safe, yet challenging environment. We went deep into the heart of coaching with a rigorous, multi-part program that allowed us to feel safe and experiment freely with the tools offered. There was a good balance between theory and practice, and we each received robust feedback on our strengths and areas for improvement."

Director EMEA L&D
Apparel Industry

“The best leaders are those who focus on the continuous learning and development of themselves and others. There is no finer way to build this momentum than to lead by example (developing oneself) and to coach others (helping them develop in the process). Through the customized coaching program – Leader as Coach in partnership with JJC, employee engagement has been increased with both our business directors and selected young potentials. I recommend this program for all leaders who really want to achieve their full leadership potential, and for your organization as a whole in order to be truly competitive in the marketplace.”

VP, Head of HR,
Global Business Group
Consumer Goods Industry

“I was already supporting my team members’ development, but this program really helped me sharpen my coaching skills in particular. I coach much more now, and make a conscious and thoughtful decision whether to teach, mentor, or coach in any given developmental encounter. As a result, my team members are more self-motivated and self-starting, and I can better balance my time between team development, critical issues and strategy."

Senior Leader
Global Consumer Goods Industry

“This flexible, 9-month program really works! Our senior leaders are developing and successfully applying solid coaching skills, which are particularly important in times of transformation and change. Leaders coach selected talents and as a result, we notice significant behavioral shifts in daily interactions, team collaboration, performance and how employees take ownership on business commitments and drive results.

Currently in the process of rolling out our 5th wave, we see this program as a key enable to build the desired culture, which allows us to position ourselves ahead on the competition in a highly dynamic market. The impact of this program on retention and engagement is high, and it continues resonating across a diverse and multigenerational workforce.”

Head of HR
Consumer Goods Industry

"Inspiring! This program invites leaders to explore tools, techniques, and behaviors that will further their development of a coaching leadership style. Sessions are led by senior executive coaches and coach supervisors with extensive experience in the field, and time is given between group and 1:1 sessions to practice what has been taught. Having personally attended and applied the principles from the program in the workplace has made coaching become second nature for me. This program is an invaluable investment for both internal leaders/coaches and their coachees.


After receiving my 2nd 360º feedback outcome I was thrilled! The progress I’ve made according to my colleagues was huge, and this made it more clear than ever to me that I’ve found my new purpose. This program is an invaluable investment for both internal leaders/coaches and their coachees.”

HR Manager
Global Payments Industry

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