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Bring your team of internal or external coaches to the next level

  • Would you like to improve the quality of the coaching services your organization offers to  its employees?
  • Would you like to better monitor the quality of your organization's coaching services?
  • Would you like to be clearer about how coaching is actually adding value to the bottom line?
  • Are your coaches focusing more on others' development than on their own?

Coaching superivision helps coaches:

  • Strengthen coaching skills and knowledge
  • Deepen self-awareness
  • Handle challenging coaching situations
  • Pay attention to the ethics of coaching
  • Understand the complexity of organizations and relationships

As the head of your organization's coaching network, you can:

  • Support and deepen the coaching culture in your organization
  • Develop excellence within your coaching team
  • Motivate your coaching cadre by offering continual development
  • Ensure that coaching is in accordance with agreed codes of conduct
  • Verify the added value of coaching

Coaching Supervision is recognized as an essential element in ensuring that coaches stay current, objective and add value to the organization. Contact us to ensure that they do.

Research supports the need for coaching supervision

Many organizations require that coaches they employ have a solid supervisory provision.  In many cases organizations provide supervision for internal coaches and for managers providing coaching or mentoring.  …supervision in coaching is rapidly evolving from a 'nice to have' to a 'need to have'.

Bachkirova et al (2011) Coaching and Mentoring Supervision, p. 2, McGraw-Hill International

Case Studies

Case 1: Although a US-based executive coach thought of herself as a competent in her profession, she was surprised when supervision resulted in her being more relaxed, confident, and better able to handle her clients' complex and intense organizational dynamics. She has noticed that she works more efficiently with her clients, with less stress, and finds herself even happier in her work.

Case 2: A European-based executive coach had never deeply reflected on his strengths as a coach. In supervision, using his current clients to reflect on this, he became aware of his real added value as a coach. Now able to articulate his distinctiveness, he interacted more effectively with organizational sponsors and potential new clients, resulting in a better "fit" between himself and his clients.

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