Global Coaching

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Establish a unified approach to coaching across your organisation

  • Would you like to ensure that requests for coaching are focused on achieving not only personal but also organizational goals?
  • Would you like to create a coaching culture where leaders are skilled at delivering         results through others?
  • Is developing a structured approach to coaching still on your project wish-list?
  • Would you like to create an internal coaching capability to support the development of   your young leaders?

Organisations with a global coaching platform

  • Use coaching as a strategic development tool to support the organization’s ambition towards greater performance
  • Have clear governance around coaching that connects coaching with achieving         business results
  • Establish one common language and understanding around coaching, streamlining the creation of a coaching culture

The Process

Phase 1:  Current & Desired Situation

  • Identify Key Stakeholders in all parts of the business and gain buy-in
  • Assess current coaching activities and spend
  • Assess current attitude and approach to coaching
  • Determine organization’s coaching vision, strategy and goals

Phase 2:  Global Coaching Platform Design

  • Develop common coaching definition, philosophy and models
  • Define company-wide coaching strategy/governance (who receives coaching, at what moments, in what format, for what purpose)
  • Craft plan for developing a coaching culture (coaching courses for leaders/HR, integrate coaching in leadership programs, senior leaders coach young/key talents/diversity, internal vs external coaches, etc.)
  • Clarify link between the use of coaching and business results
  • Develop communication plan and involve key stakeholders

Phase 3:  Global Coaching Platform Implementation

  • Determine external supplier needs, selection process and criteria
  • Define internal project management needs
  • Evaluate potential suppliers and select
  • Design and implement plan, keeping key stakeholders informed regularly
  • Ongoing support

We have some of the most experienced international coaches in the industry. Whatever your development challenge and wherever you are at this point in time, we can help you to find the direction that is right for you, and to move forward more quickly than you might otherwise. Contact us.

Case Study

With a newly designed set of competencies and a corresponding 360° assessment ready to launch, a large global concern asked us to establish and manage a network of highly qualified, international executive coaches to support the rollout of this program to their top 600 leaders worldwide.  Ongoing full-service management of this network includes scouting, selection, maintenance of the master list of coaches, keeping coach biographies and certification information up-to-date, matching of coach and senior manager, coaching supervision, coaching session evaluation, status updates with the internal sponsor, administration and invoicing.

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