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"The 'Fightback or Feedback?' Program provided me and my team with the tools to effectively exchange both positive and constructive feedback with each other. This created an environment of openness and trust that has greatly improved the overall team performance."

Global Risk Management, Banking Industry

"As 'thought leaders' in the securities and payments industry, the quality of our work has improved due to the 'Fightback or Feedback?' Program we recently attended as a team. We learned to interact better and more constructively with each other, as well as with our external stakeholders."

Functions Market Infrastructures, ABN AMRO Group, Banking Industry

"My team members at all levels are much more articulate and effective in giving feedback as a result of having attended the 'Fightback or Feedback?' Program. There is more trust and openness, less frustration, a greater understanding of cultural differences, and more confidence to change a situation for the better. Individuals have even learned to encourage and receive feedback more effectively, catalyzing self-development. As a result of all this, the team has become much more effective overall."

Finance Director EMEA
Apparel Industry
"About a year ago JJC facilitated a program on feedback with my global team. The facilitator created a collaborative and fun experience during which we alternated between doing things and reflecting on them. This was quite powerful in registering the learning. As a result, team members became more open to providing and receiving feedback, something that had become taboo in a close-knit team over time. And ultimately, this helped raise my team’s long-term performance and agility. I would recommend this experience for teams, groups and organizations looking to enhance performance through better collaboration."
Global Head of Mobility
Global Consumer Goods Industry

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