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Artist: Christina Kingma

As an employer, you can offer your employees the opportunity to talk to an external coach. By doing this, you’re immediately acknowledging and normalizing the more difficult situations – which takes it out of the taboo zone. By offering one or several coaching conversations using a unique, digitally streamlined approach that eliminates 90% of the middleman admin (emails, Excel docs, etc.), you can save time, keep your costs low, avoid (expensive) collateral damage (such as burnout and low productivity), and have a very positive impact on your business.

Promise & Benefits

Empower your employees by helping them come up with their own solutions to their own challenges. This is a unique, streamlined approach. 

  • Increased productivity. Take the stress/worry/anxiety that people may have, and help free up time and energy to focus on work and increase productivity. 
  • Less fall-out. Get employees back on track and reduce costs related to replacement, hiring and on-boarding.
  • Happy and engaged employees. Less burn-out, stress, and anxiety will accelerate movement forward toward a new and positive reality.
  • Increased retention. Keep your experienced, well-trained and valuable employees onboard.
  • Increased internal branding & goodwill: Even if employees choose not to be coached, knowing that they have the option can increase their loyalty to your organization.

How does this work?

  1. Select Coaches to Work With: JJC works with you to select a portfolio of suitable coaches from its 100+ global network
  2. Flyt Coaching Platform is Set Up: JJC sets up a link to a page with information, instructions, and the coach profiles
  3. Internal Communication: JJC supports you with communicating the offering internally
  4. Employees Select Their Coach: Employees wanting coaching select their coach, and make their (first) appointment on Flyt
  5. Automatic Management: All scheduling, coordination and admin will be managed automatically via Flyt
  6. Track Process: Track activity in real-time (coach-coachee sessions, timing, overall spend) and draw reports as desired

Why now?

Businesses are facing significant new challenges. Covid19 has impacted all of us – in a unique way per individual. Most employees may be able to cope with this new situation, but some may experience feeling anxious, stressed, lonely, overwhelmed and/or dealing with new stress resulting from working from home, risk of contracting or giving Covid19 forward, and returning to the office (or not!).

On top of that, some of us may fear reorganizations, budget cuts, and (colleagues) being laid off, in the context of a global economic crisis.

Some people may feel it’s taboo to admit that they are having a hard time, and may be reluctant to share their current challenges – not wanting it to reflect badly on their otherwise great performance.

This is an opportunity for your organization to support employees in tackling Covid19-related challenges they might be having, by combining employee care with enhancing productivity.


“Just being heard in a safe space is sometimes the best medicine. I am grateful for the opportunity provided to me by the company to take care of my personal wellness and ensure that it is one of my priorities."

"As this pandemic affects the whole world, I tended to not sit back and consider how it has affected myself. I felt that it was selfish to feel affected as I was still in a pretty good position compared to others. The coaching allowed me to assess my situation without judgement. Working from home affected my confidence. The coaching made me realize that my behaviors and reactions were ok and with tools provided by my coach, I was able to get my mindset right."

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