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"We needed a global supply of top notch, experienced executive coaches to work with our top 650 leaders worldwide. Our executives are grateful for this opportunity to reflect on their leadership together with their coach. These important conversations have led to increased self-awareness, new perspectives, and improved performance - ultimately impacting our organization's success in the marketplace."
Global Food & Beverage Company
“Part of my work consists of negotiating annual and medium terms strategic plans including required investments with my Business Executive Committee and our External Partner. I started my coaching journey frustrated and stuck, and my coach put me to work immediately. Our conversations moved me from a feeling of lack of confidence and victimization to fully ‘I deserve to be here’. I developed a strategy to get myself taken seriously and seen as an Equal Contributor by the Board. As a result, I was able to align all key stakeholders on our common goals and interests in a venture that is not part of our core business. This decision led to a clear grasp by all on real results of several million Euros, produced by what was initially seen as a nice-to-have to what is now seen as a must-have profitable and value adding business.”
Senior Business Development Manager
Consumer Goods Industry

"We recently rolled out a very successful global leadership development program in which a business simulation was central, with our top leaders from around the world. Participants formed teams, and each team had their own team coach. Some of these coaches were supplied by JJC, and others were sourced elsewhere. As the one ultimately responsible for the success of this program, here is my (very positive) experience with the JJC team coaches:

• All were versatile, not attaching themselves to certain ways of working – an example of this is the fact that I knew deep down that I could match any JJC coach to any team
• They quickly instilled a feeling of trust on my part
• They were all authentically interested in their participants and in others involved in the program
• They felt responsible for the success of the whole program and contributed at multiple levels
• They took on their role as member of the facilitation team, helping other coaches along the way and looking for overall solutions ‘on-the-spot’
• Participants’ experiences with them were overwhelmingly positive

In conclusion I can without hesitation recommend JJC’s team coaches – and leave you in good hands!"

HR Leader
Financial Services Industry

“We have worked with JJC’s coaching services a number of times, and each request has resulted in a high-quality coaching experience. I often seek specialist coaching skills, and have always been impressed with the suitability of the shortlisted coach profiles. I know that each time I will get an expert professional with top calibre coaching skills.
I very much appreciate the fact that JJC has a vast global network of coaches and that each of our leaders/coachees has been offered several coaches to choose from. I highly recommend the team at JJC to any HR professional in my network.”

Human Resources Leader
Financial Services Industry

"In the past few years we have partnered closely with JJC to offer our most senior leaders an executive coaching journey. Leaders confirm that they are getting significant value out of these sessions. They set targeted self-development goal(s) up front, and appreciate the combination of challenge and inspiration that they gain from these confidential conversations, all along the way. I must say that this public is quite discerning and will not choose to spend time on activities that do not have direct positive impact on the business. Their participation, and the positive feedback I have received from them speaks for itself."

Head of HR - HRBP
Business Group, Electronics Industry

"JJC has been a key partner in enabling us to grow the European arm of our Executive Coaching Program. Julie has been invaluable in sourcing coaches in Asia and Latin America.  We partner with JJC for the executive coaching component of our senior-level leadership development program. Their coaches are high caliber and have built great relationships with our leaders."

Human Resources Leader
United States
  • Our company has worked with JJC to standardize and simplify its coaching offer for senior leaders.
  • JJC delivers individual coaching journeys via a number of predefined packages, including either coaching only or coaching plus one or more assessments.
  • JJC takes a very flexible and pragmatic approach in working with us to meet the different needs of our leaders, connecting them to their global network of coaches/facilitators.
  • In addition, JJC has provided facilitation and team coaching for some of our senior leadership teams in the head office.
Director, Global Leadership and Organization Development
Global Food & Beverage Industry

“We have a long-term partnership with JJC, and have always been pleased with the quality of the coaches, JJC’s professionalism, and the great client service provided. Julie, her team, and her network of coaches have played an important role in helping us to develop our Executive Coaching and Leadership Team Coaching Programs, and take them to the next level. I highly recommend the JJC team to every HR professional in my network.”

Senior HR Professional
Consumer Goods Industry

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