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Getting the Unspoken on the Table

Have you ever wondered whether your coaching is reaching its full “making a difference for the coachee” potential? Well, here’s a technique that can help you find out in real time. And, it can do oh-so-much-more! I have been amazed at what I’ve learned about my coaching (and myself) as a result. Not to mention how it’s helped my coachees.

I call it feedback exchange. Here goes:

You might be thinking: But how can I spend 10 minutes of our precious time together focused on me? I would argue back that by putting the “unspoken” on the table, feedback exchange will bring your coaching up to the next level, in service of your coachee.

A LOT of things will be happening:

I find that, when I apply this feedback technique from the start, it sets the tone for an open and two-way exchange all along the way. It helps coach and coachee find their way of working together more quickly. Sometimes the coachee even starts offering and asking for feedback during sessions because of the regular exchange at the end of each session. In addition, when there is the need to shift focus somewhere along the coaching journey, this often comes to light and is made explicit during these feedback exchanges. Finally, when misunderstandings arise, these exchanges provide a platform for clearing them up quickly.

I confess, I don’t use feedback exchange at the end of every session, but I do for most. I think you’ll find that feedback exchange quickly becomes a smooth process, as the two of you find your way of working together. In order to ensure that our coaching is at its highest level – reaching its full “making a difference for the coachee” potential – the “unspoken” must be on the table. Feedback exchange is the perfect way to make that happen.

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