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Cutting Deals!

Have you ever found yourself floundering or a bit lost in a coaching conversation when your coachee goes off on a tangent, or when you're not sure which topic to discuss next?

'Contracting', or agreeing on how you and your coachee are going to spend your time together, is essential to coaching because it keeps the two of you willingly walking down the same road together.

In coaching language, ‘Contracting’ really boils down to ‘cutting deals’. There are many facets to formal contracting with your coachee, such as initial contracting, multi-party contracting, etc.  But there are also many subtle moments during the coaching conversation when 'cutting deals' with your coachee is needed in order to stay on track and move forward together.

Here are some of those moments:

I’m sure that I haven’t covered all of the possible types of opportunities to contract, and would love to hear from you. When do YOU contract in the course of your coaching conversations?

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