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Are You Overwhelmed by Meetings?

Did you know that time spent in meetings has gone up an average of 10% every year since 2000? (Doodle, State of Meetings Q2 2020)

It may or may not surprise you, but the topic of managing one’s meeting participation comes up frequently in coaching conversations. Attending too many unproductive, back-to-back, long meetings can be overwhelming. Managers have increasingly pointed to meetings as a major source of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. In these times of COVID-19, add in the impact of pandemic ‘screen fatigue’, and you’ve got a recipe for burnout. Finally, companies are keen to stop holding meetings that are a waste of time and money.

Over the years, my coachees and I have co-created a number of useful meeting tips and solutions. I’ve gathered them here, in this month’s Coaching Cube. May you find this to be a treasure chest. I do!

Should You Attend the Meeting … or Not?

How Should You Start and End the Meeting?

Don’t Do Back-to-Backs Because of the …

What Can You Do With ‘Down-Time’ Between Meetings?

How Can You Manage the Meeting in Advance?

Block Half- or Full-Days as ‘Meeting-Free Zones’ to …

My hope is that by dipping into this treasure chest of meeting tips and solutions, you can be a force for changing your company’s meeting culture into something less overwhelming and more productive. And that is a triple win – for you, for your colleagues, and for the company!

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