"Having recently commissioned one of JJC’s top team coaches to work with our global HR team (consisting of very diverse personalities), I must say that the experience was well worth our while. Our coach was able to quickly create a safe environment AND get each of us to step out of our comfort zone in order to accelerate discussions. She made use of strong listening and questioning skills and was able to pick up on patterns that repeated themselves, and reveal them in a way that created an open and respectful discussion with each other. The day was highly structured, yet we also felt like we owned the session. As a result, we uncovered our productive and unproductive behaviors, making use of our coach’s guidance to share insights in order to bring clarity to our team dynamics. I felt energized, and I enjoyed the sharpness and humor that permeated the day. We ended up with clear team and individual take-aways, and a commitment to the specific actions and built-in follow-up that we had co-created."
Senior HR Leader
Chemical Industry
"I believe this team coaching was fundamental in turning a brand new group of strangers into a high performing global team, with extremely high levels of mutual trust and respect between all members. The coach and I jointly developed a customized approach, and the day itself consisted of a great balance between focus on people versus outcome, and fun versus serious. The experience was equally valued across multiple cultures and age groups."
Global Commercial Director,
Mining Industry

“Our JJC team coach started working with my team and myself just after I had taken on the role as team lead. She encountered a group of people that didn’t know each other very well. Decision-making processes were unclear and commitment varied greatly among team members. Her way of working with us helped us allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable and that way really get to know each other. She observed us in action, asked tough questions and facilitated constructive feedback exchange. And, she allowed the agenda to be changed as things evolved, gaining the group’s agreement all along the way. Regularly holding up the mirror, resulted in some authentic soul searching. In the end, we got rid of bad team habits, agreed on clear ground rules and roles, and clarified decision-making processes. As a result, our meetings are now productive, our projects more successful, and most important of all, we all know what we as a team collectively stand for."

Senior Leader
Financial Services Industry

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