"Our orgranisation's culture is very unique, and we needed to find top-notch executive coaches with a suitable profile to work with our most senior global leaders. JJC worked closely with us to clarify the characteristics of the perfect fit, and to propose superb professionals. Their coaches are all highly experienced in using the Hogan Assessment Suite, which was important for our coaching program. To make a long story short, our leaders are delighted with the coaching they have received, and we see the positive impact that these conversations are having on business results. We look forward to forming a long-term partnership with JJC."
Patricia Tang
Organizational Development & Training Consultant
PVH Europe (Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein)

"We needed a global supply of top notch, experienced executive coaches to work with our top 650 leaders worldwide. Our executives are grateful for this opportunity to reflect on their leadership together with their coach. These important conversations have led to increased self-awareness, new perspectives, and improved performance - ultimately impacting our organization's success in the marketplace."
Global Food & Beverage Company

“Part of my work consists of negotiating annual and medium terms strategic plans including required investments with my Business Executive Committee and our External Partner. I started my coaching journey frustrated and stuck, and my coach put me to work immediately. Our conversations moved me from a feeling of lack of confidence and victimization to fully ‘I deserve to be here’. I developed a strategy to get myself taken seriously and seen as an Equal Contributor by the Board. As a result, I was able to align all key stakeholders on our common goals and interests in a venture that is not part of our core business. This decision led to a clear grasp by all on real results of several million Euros, produced by what was initially seen as a nice-to-have to what is now seen as a must-have profitable and value adding business.”
Senior Business Development Manager
Consumer Goods Industry