The Organization

Julie Johnson Consulting specializes in the development of today's and tomorrow's leaders. We help leaders, their teams, and their organizations achieve higher levels of effectiveness and productivity through six different coaching services.

Drawing from decades of research, experience and application, we have developed a powerful coaching and feedback model that provides managers at all levels with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to coach their people to greater heights of success.

Programs are designed so that significant and observable positive changes in behavior and performance are achieved and applied successfully in the workplace before completion of the program. Client feedback collected several years later repeatedly confirms long-term program impact.


The Network

Coaching is an intensely personal process. As such, the quality of any coaching initiative depends largely on the experience and expertise of the coach involved.


Through the years we have built up a network of highly qualified and experienced professionals that spans five continents. Most have lived and worked in two or more countries and speak several languages, and all have post-graduate degrees.


Our professionals draw on years of real-life business experience, and hold specialist coaching and related qualifications.

  • Immediate access to highly qualified coaches across Europe, Asia and the Americas
  • Professional support for all of your coaching needs (executive, team, career and performance coaching) at all levels
  • One point of contact, full logistical support, and complete alignment with your requirements