Celebrating 20 years of Coaching Excellence: "Coaching is an Art - Autumn Edition"



“Coaching is an Art – Autumn Edition”! It was a very special afternoon and evening… so we thought we would share a few highlights with you. Over 30 senior HR leaders gathered at the elegant DoubleTree hotel in Amsterdam. An interactive workshop was followed by a lively networking reception at the hotel’s unique SkyLounge, overlooking stunning views of the Amsterdam skyline. 



Julie Johnson introductions (full video)



Speakers at "Coaching is an Art"

A special ‘thank you’ goes out to our speakers, for engaging us with such dynamic, relevant and complementary presentations. We were fortunate to have three dynamic and engaging speakers, each sharing his or her perspective of the industry.


Suzanne Verzijden opened the day by presenting current work she is leading at Philips’ Health and Wellness BG (in partnership with JJC), where they are ‘investing in people’ through an innovative MT coaching program. The audience found the real-life case study fascinating, and asked many questions.


Ryan Ross from Hogan returned to us for the second time, topping his well-received workshop back in April with yet another thought provoking presentation chock-full of information and insights, this time on ‘driving engaged people’ through the understanding of personality and judgment.


Gerard Penning took a few hours from his busy role at the helm of HR at Shell to provide an energetic keynote speech, harnessing the energy from the room and using humor to engage the audience on the topic of ‘leaders as coaches’. He spoke of leadership attributes and the practical things leaders can do to have more effective teams through day-to-day coaching.